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Site Review: Scary For Kids - scaryforkids .com

I think the site title gives a bit of a wrong impression with the site, Scary For Kids. Seriously, this site is Scary For ADULTS, TOO!

This site has a plentiful and decent collection of pics, videos and articles all on scary topics including ghost stories and haunted places, scary videos and movie reviews, urban legends, scary games, pranks and pop-up vids, and not to be overlooked - free old horror movies.

Have you ever seen Vincent Price in “The Last Man On Earth”?

imdb page: Movie, The Last Man On Earth (1964)

I am a fan of old horror movies, so I had to mention this Vincent Price classic horror/sci-fi movie that I found at Scary For Kids. A lot of suspense, only a little graphic content - perfect for kids AND adults alike.


(image manipulated by me, via fair use - text added by me, however, if you use any part of the image above, please credit to link below)

pic source:

Anyway, check out the Scary For Kids site if you enjoy urban legends, ghost stories and similar scary things.

The site is updated often with attentive webmasters, administrators, etc., and there’s even a chat room on-site (find in the right hand column, near the top - it’s easy to find).

There are few sites monitored well and updated frequently with great content as compared to this one that are actually targeting a younger audience in a reasonable way.

Here’s a link to the site:

My fave pages are in the urban legends section and the ghost story section - and I’m an adult who no longer visits this site late at night, haha. I get my viewing of scaryforkids .com done during the daylight hours! :)

If you visit this site, come back and let me know how you enjoyed the Scary For Kids website, whether or not you thought it was also scary for adults!


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